Çerez Örnek

Areas of Activity

  • Carrying out studies on research, practice, and developing strategies and politics with the academy, the private sector, and state institutions and organizations.
  • In the field of biomass energy systems and technologies, R&D activities were coordinated, made and controlled, so new projects were developed.
  • In the field of biomass energy systems and technologies R&D activities were made, supported, and encouraged for developing and carrying out joint projects with the natural people or legal identity, and the state institutions and organizations.
  • Applying to projects which were funded by the state institutions and organizations, and other organizations.
  • Cooperating with the national or international institutions and organizations to new research.
  • Preparing a work environment within the centre for the projects which were run with the abroad and domestic institutions and organizations.
  • Carrying out a study, which is the needs of industry, and the study was practiced in the industry for improving cooperation between university to industry.
  • Aim of training support to the semi-qualified worker and certified expert, which are the need of the industry, vocational training programs were prepared.
  • Carrying out a study on determining biomass energy potential via geographic information systems, so the industry and institutions or organizations were serviced with the data which is obtained at the end of the study.
  • Community-oriented products and services, which are with high added value, are a guide to transform with experience and knowledge were gotten.
  • Developments, discoveries, and innovations, which are in the biomass energy systems and technologies, were helped to used and extended with making R&D activities.
  • New technologies and methods, which are improved with R&D, were procured production, promotion and generalized, thus becoming a partner with the sector. The data, which were acquired, was transformed into commercial value and supporting entrepreneurship in the area.
  • A preferred policy that is about biomass energy systems and technologies in the country was worked to determined, the ministries and organizations were made R&D activities, offered consulting service.
  • In the field of biomass energy systems and technologies, doing work, which was demanded by the ministries and organizations, with board decision.
  • In consequence of working in cooperation with the ministries, higher education institutions, and private sectors, the centers, which were activated in the field of biomass energy systems and technologies, were established rules of qualities and accreditation.


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